The Invisible Powerpoint Workshop

A practical approach to your most powerful presentations Course Summary & Objectives:

  • Presenting with power and passion – what’s in it for me?

Explore why those who can present with confidence and conviction are hugely sought after and are considered a massive asset to any organisation. What makes a powerful presentation and how we can achieve this every time.

  • Planning, goals and audience analysis

Why are we presenting, what are we looking to achieve and how best to succeed in meeting both our audience’s and our own needs. Essential tools to adopt before we begin to construct our presentation.

  • Construction and content building

How best to construct a presentation that is able to educate, inspire and even transform our audiences. The key building blocks and strategies to ensure our content is both effective and memorable.

  • Opening

How to open our audience and engage instantly. The 5 ‘must have’ components to the opening of any presentation and how we can captivate the room.

  • Body language – the art of selling your message

Putting the YOU into every presentation you make. How to increase the impact of your message and sparkle time and time again. How to create the most memorable presentations imaginable.

  • Visual impact

The how and why and when to use visuals. What inspires and what tires. How to revolutionise your PowerPoint shows. Alternative visuals and how to make the right impact every time.

  • Nerves and confidence

Overcoming nerves and dealing with stressful situations with increased confidence. Hiding the shakes and dealing with our fears. Our workshop format ensures maximum activity and hands on learning with an interactive and practical series of exercises throughout the day.

  • Question time and closing

Methods and tactics for question time and why this is an excellent opportunity to bond with your audience. The 5 R’s of how to deal with sticky, tricky and icky questions. How to close your presentation and ensure you and your message are remembered and actioned. Quite possibly a life changing session…  


It's Our Mission

Enhanced Communication is the key to greater success and increased happiness – our mission is to enable you and your team to realise your potential through the power of amazing communication.


It's Our Philosopy

We pride ourselves in our courses, workshops and speaking events that are steeped in practical and realistic strategies for more powerful, passionate and purposeful communication.


It's Our Guarantee

We guarantee you greater success through our range of communication courses – if you can’t measure increased achievement within 6 months, we will happily refund your fees in full.


It's Our Team

Collaborative success, enhanced achievement, closer bonds – a force to be reckoned with and one which will give the competition in your market something to have a think about.

Why Choose This Course

  • Great fun
  • Awesome group networking
  • Build confidence and make new connections
  • Make more of your business
  • Explore a different mind set

What Client’s Say

Nick’s humorous, but to the point style will keep your feet on the ground and your hands in the air, grabbing the opportunities that his presentation will help you identify.
Paul Wearmouth
In a world where the power of the crowd is a global phenomenon, Nick’s insight and approach could be your game changer!
Mervyn Middleby, Head of Technology & Operations, BBC Belfast
The pace of business change today has never been faster and the competition is global. Everyone is looking for a technology silver bullet but it’s so often the case of smart computers and dumb companies. Nick could be your answer. He totally understands your most important but complex asset, your people, and his technique can unleash their true potential to let engagement and productivity soar.
Mervyn Middleby, Head of Technology & Operations, BBC Belfast