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The Invisible Powerpoint

Have you ever wondered what juggling with lemons has to do with powerful presentations or why 95% of all PowerPoint slide shows have us yawning in the aisles? These and many more essential presentation secrets will be revealed during this fast paced, hugely entertaining Invisible PowerPoint show. 

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Body Language & ‘Mind Reading’

We are all communicating, all of the time and our non-verbal communication is far more powerful than most of us think. Nick reveals the secrets behind truly understanding your colleagues, clients and even your children.

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Communication Alchemy

How to do more, have more and be more without spending more time in the office. Communication Alchemy opens the doors to more positive outcomes; better and more productive conversations, shorter, punchy and more effective meetings.

An amazing and fun filled workshop you wished you had done years ago… Your ability to Network like a professional and make the most of your time in front of others, maximising the effectiveness of each and every interaction you have, in many careers, will spell the difference between success and failure. Achieve your goals, guarantee your best shot at success and learn the simple skills that will put you ahead of the competition.
Still one of the most motivational and entertaining shows in town. The antidote to any presentation you have ever had to endure – stop wasting yours and your audiences’ time and communicate with Power, Passion and Purpose – unforgettable.
Recently delivered to a packed house of 450 of the country’s business leaders at the NEC, this talk provides a host of invisible tools and techniques to increase the power of how we communicate to ourselves and to others to maximise the success we all crave. Increase your confidence, take greater ownership, become more adaptable and mentally tough with turbo charged self-belief and motivation to bring unrealised power to your personal brand. Phenomenal stuff.

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