It’s only recently that I think I have found my true and authentic voice and have become the version of myself that I have long been searching for.

Now I can stand on stage and be myself and share my thoughts and ideas with an audience, knowing the value of what I have to offer.  I wonder why it has taken so long to hit home that this is the real me?  Who was I before and why now do I feel at one with myself?

Some pretty deep questions but the key here is that, like me, too many of us struggle to find our true voice and communicate from a position of utmost authenticity.  We care too much what others think, we worry what our career prospects will be if we say out loud what is on our minds and we are hindered by common sense and propriety.

Have you ever said something that was ridiculed and stopped you sharing your opinion?  Have you ever towed the party line when it felt wrong and almost unclean?  Have you ever held your tongue when an idea popped into your head that would definitely be worth sharing?  If so, you are not alone.

Every day, countless opportunities for communication adventure are squandered because we aren’t owning our true selves.  We daren’t step out of our comfortable orbits and tread the path of the unknown.

Not so long ago I played a game of catch on London’s Tube service to break down a few communication barriers and remove the normal hurdles that stop us chatting and enjoying the company of strangers – it was a high risk strategy – or was it?

See my TEDx video for the full story (and also see another communication experiment I involved the audience in):

How would our world look if we embraced the adventure, assumed the positive and communicated with our true voice and not the one that’s expected or the one that we’re all used to?

Dare you step off the communication map and explore?

Let me know the communication adventures you have had and we can share them with the world.  Bring on the fun, bring on the magic.