Feet on the Ground Training and Speaker Services

Feet on the Ground Training is a very realistic and practical take on how training and speaker services can have a real impact in today’s demanding world. We are creating a storm of change in the communication market and our clients are loving it! Over the last 10 years Feet on the Ground have been responsible for assisting numerous corporate giants with their communication expertise, enabling them to deliver greater clarity, more success and essential business growth.

We live in a world surrounded by an ocean of global communication and more choice than ever before as to how we interact with our fellow humans – we want you to be clearly heard above all of this noise and frenzied communication traffic and ensure you and your company can communicate to win.

All of our courses and work from stage are steeped in ‘real world’ scenarios and will have an immediate effect on your ability to create positive outcomes from all of your communication opportunities. We are so convinced that working with Feet on the Ground will benefit your business that we are more than happy to guarantee all of our courses. If you can’t see the positive impact our course has made (within 6 months trading) then we will gladly refund your course fees.

Speak to Nick and ask about our ‘Impact Guarantee’

Why Are We The Best?

Enhanced Communication is the key to greater success and increased happiness – our mission is to enable you and your team to realise your potential through the power of amazing communication.
We pride ourselves in courses, workshops and speaking events that are steeped in practical and realistic strategies for more powerful, passionate and purposeful communication – everything we do is based on what the ‘real world’ demands from our delegates and we ensure our systems can be used instantly and make a massive impact.

We guarantee you greater success through our range of communication courses – if you can’t measure increased achievement through enhanced communication within 6 months of working with us, we will happily refund your fees in full.  No other training company, I know of, has this level of confidence in everything they do.

What are the results?

Greater sales, increased clarity and impact – more of what your business craves.
Increased confidence, influence and attainment – allowing you to stand out as a star communicator.
Collaborative success, enhanced achievement, closer bonds – a force to be reckoned with and one which will give the competition something to worry about.

Our Happy Clients