Maximise Success through Enhanced Thinking and Dynamic Action

This talk is designed for a corporate audience who crave greater success and personal achievement. During the 60 minute performance I will explore a host of tools and techniques that every audience member will be able to use, instantly, to maximise their success through an examination of how we think and how we communicate with ourselves.

The session is designed to be interactive, fun and accessible to all. The 4 main areas we cover are as follows:

Personal Belief Systems
We look at the mind set of success, effective focus strategies to increase confidence, how to overcome fears and move away from harmful habits and effective tools to increase positivity and make powerful choices.

Motivation and High Performance
In this section we explore techniques for personal improvement, future focus and motivation, how to tune into our invisible coach and improve performance and the art of taking personal responsibility for our success.

Adaptability and Mental Toughness
We continue by discovering the difference between wishing something were the case and making it happen, how victim mentality may be holding us back, strategies to enhance our self-belief and to take ownership of life’s adventures.

Influencing Others
In this final section we ensure our audience are motivated to change and we deliver tactics for influencing others and seeing the world from alternative perspectives and motivations.

The end of the session is devoted to ensuring our audience are prepared to take action and the strategies explored are implemented to secure maximum success. The talk is delivered using personal experience, stories and anecdotes that relate to our audience and real world references which ensure a ‘we can do this’ mentality. PowerPoint is used to enhance visual delivery and any interactive options available will be utilised to the full.




It's Our Mission

Enhanced Communication is the key to greater success and increased happiness – our mission is to enable you and your team to realise your potential through the power of amazing communication.


It's Our Philosopy

We pride ourselves in our courses, workshops and speaking events that are steeped in practical and realistic strategies for more powerful, passionate and purposeful communication.


It's Our Guarantee

We guarantee you greater success through our range of communication courses – if you can’t measure increased achievement within 6 months, we will happily refund your fees in full.


It's Our Team

Collaborative success, enhanced achievement, closer bonds – a force to be reckoned with and one which will give the competition in your market something to have a think about.

Why Choose This Course

  • Great fun
  • Awesome group networking
  • Build confidence and make new connections
  • Make more of your business
  • Explore a different mind set

What Clients Say

Nick’s Invisible PowerPoint presentation is not only fantastically funny and witty, it is completely unique.  Nick engages the audience and gives great snippets of practical information.  Anyone having to deliver presentations as part of their role needs Nick before they deliver any more.

Natalie Emmerson, Primary Care UK

The content and quality of his presentations sit well with all styles and levels of management.  You go away making immediate changes that last a life time.

Margaret Fleming, Fleming Marvelous

Nick is so enthusiastic and bursting with energy you just cannot help but feel positive about your own abilities.  This is not just for formal business presentations.  It helps in daily interaction and communication with everybody you meet.

Colin Regan, Technology Development Specialist, BBC Belfast