Body Language and the Art of Mind Reading

Designed for a corporate audience but could easily be adapted for any type of group.

“You can run but you can’t hide” – body language is here and it’s happening, we’re all doing it , all of the time – you cannot not communicate. The simple rules for those who want to be more convincing, have more impact, win more business and understand their audience in far more depth.

The key to all of these desires is Body Language – understanding it, accurately reading the language of others and ensuring you exhibit the most effective signals to add value to your communication and achieve all of your goals.

Over the last few years interest in non verbal behaviour has grown rapidly – the reason for this is increasingly we live in a fast paced, time poor world and we are constantly judged on first impressions. Throughout this stage performance we will explore key body language tools you can use instantly (at work and beyond) to give you the edge in every interaction. Simple actions that lead to significant payoffs and the skills to observe and read the body language of others so you can get inside their heads and increase your chance of success.

Research shows that the most successful people, in all walks of life are intuitive at deciphering these body language signals. Learn the techniques that will put you ahead of the competition and open the doors to a greater understanding in every interaction you ever have.


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Why Choose This Course

  • Great fun
  • Awesome group networking
  • Build confidence and make new connections
  • Make more of your business
  • Explore a different mind set

What Clients Say

Nick’s humorous, but to the point style will keep your feet on the ground and your hands in the air, grabbing the opportunities that his presentation will help you identify.

Paul Wearmouth
Nick Looby is one of the best presenters I have ever come across, his relaxed and informal approach works well and he always makes me sit up, listen and smile.

Nick is a joy to watch and whenever I hear him speak I always learn something and apply it immediately!  The best thing that Nick does is make you question the way you do things and he always gets you thinking.

Simply Brilliant!

Haley Roy, Managing Director,

The messages were powerful, strong and rang bells to signal ‘Oh that’s what I do, I’ll have to change that.

Andy Kirk, Leicester Fire & Rescue