Why your comfort zone should no longer be habitable – creating your new orbit


To increase your success and potential you would normally be asked to step out of your comfort zone, again and again as this is where the fun is, where change occurs and will, in theory, have the greatest impact on your future.

The more you stretch that comfort zone of yours the more you will dare to believe and amazing things will begin to occur.

But what happens when you step outside again and again and your comfort zone expands beyond all recognition?

The idea becomes stale, you are out of your zone on a regular basis and it offers no real challenge anymore. The once amazing feeling and list of achievements cease to be the drive they once were.

In fact, the idea of stepping out of your comfort zone again and again doesn’t do these outstanding achievements justice, the phrase is used too often and it has become tired, just like the over-used ‘thinking outside of the box’.  If we’re asking for phenomenal things to occur we need to crank up our language and begin to step into a new orbit.  Why strive to depart from your comfort zone when you can lift-off to a space yet to be fully explored?

When I played a game of catch with the passengers on a London Tube train we were all entering a new orbit of discovery. To break down the communication barriers that are typical of an enclosed space filled with strangers there needed to be something more than comfort zone departure.

The fact that it went amazingly and we managed to turn a carriage full of zombies into a horde of normal, smiling, talking humans was extremely cool. The fact that I didn’t get set upon and fed my squidgy stress ball was a bonus too!

Consider your current comfort zone, think about your daily adventures and where they sit within this zone.  How often do you stretch yourself, dare to fail, take risks and live life on the dark side?  When was the last time you volunteered to attempt something new at work or outside of the office?

If the answer is often, then you are ready to launch.  The new orbit awaits.

For me, learning to dance, was outside of my comfort zone, a long way outside, it changed my life and I have danced ever since. Dancing in front of an expectant audience is most definitely a new orbit for me and my lovely partner.  Learning a new dance style, a comfort zone thing, teaching others, a new orbit.

Speaking on stage, with an audience of hundreds, used to be a comfort zone thing, auditioning and appearing on the TEDx platform, a new orbit.  The steps are bigger, bolder and the rewards so much greater than the old zone.  It’s the place to be.

I believe we can, and should, strive for the new orbit and I would love to share your journey.

Compare your comfort zone with your new orbit and let me know what is going to change.  I’ll happily share your stories and between us we can inspire others to join us all in the new space.


Nick Looby is a communication specialist, professional speaker and trainer on all things communication – increase your success through enhanced communication, at work, at home and beyond.

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