Last week I had the pleasure of observing an amazing display of passion which, sadly, is far too rare in the world of work in 2013.

When was the last time you communicated your passion and your audience (your colleagues, your clients) were able to share in your enthusiasm?  Any examples I would be more than happy to hear about and share.  I come across it too infrequently which makes last week somewhat remarkable.

I was watching a number of school choirs in a local music festival and our conductor was a pure expression of passion, sharing her energetic enthusiasm and her clear love of her job with the choirs and the audience.  It was, as most enthusiasm is, contagious and we all loved it.

There is a good chance that this passion is an essential part of the job, perhaps all conductors are brimming with passion or perhaps they simply love their work.

Why is there not more of this out there?  Look around your office and see if you can spot this energetic, animated, passion bubbling under the surface.  I bet it is hard to spot.

In my last blog I wrote about the benefits of appropriate emotion in your communication strategy. Sometimes emotion is essential; sometimes we remove the emotion to communicate in a clinical and clear way (often a useful strategy).  HMRC v’s Google showed us the differing benefits of each approach.

Do you think that passion bubbles in the Google office?  I’ve never been there but I like to think the level of energy is palpable and the teams who work there feed off this vitality.

Imagine if you walked into the office tomorrow morning and your colleagues were all ‘super-charged’ and buzzing with enthusiasm – it would be quite a shock, I imagine.  Would it be a fun day?  Would more creative and innovative work take place?  Would the energy spread to all who visit?  I hope so and if this dynamism is channelled effectively by visionary management and team leaders amazing things could happen.  Sounds great; so why is this passion so rare?

We can either explore why the passion has disappeared from the working environment (or was never there in the first place) or we can spend our time exploring how to inject and cultivate a level of passion that will make all the difference in the marketplace.

When I am on stage I work hard to ensure my audience join me on my high paced and spirited journey – it is much easier for my audience to engage if my enthusiasm is obvious.  It works and my audiences are transported into my world which makes it so much easier for them to see and experience my content and they enjoy the experience.  Oh my, if every presentation you attended was an enjoyable experience wouldn’t that change the face of business today?

I will be surprised if any manager disagrees that passion is a hugely beneficial trait to have in their staff and, sadly, I will be surprised if many managers can hold their head up high and tell the world that nurturing passion is one of their mantras.

So why don’t we give it a go?  Let’s spread the word.  Let’s up our game in the passion stakes and make a concerted effort to ramp it up and see what happens.

Seek out inspirational quotes, stories and videos (there are a sea of examples online) and share these with colleagues with an appropriate and company relevant tag line.  Follow this up with leading by example – share your ambition and goals for the day with the office, dream big and share your magic and then share your inspirational successes here with me.  Let this be ‘Passion Central’ and let’s shake up our market so everybody is talking about it.

If this sounds like a crazy idea, simply unfeasible, not the ‘done’ thing and laughable – ask yourself why?  Stop for a moment and wonder.  All we are asking is to add a dash of passion into your workplace and see how it spreads.  Even the smallest stone cast into a pond causes ripples to the bank.  I have a feeling the economy could do with a few positive ripples.

The sounding board is open – let’s share some amazing triumphs…

Nick Looby is a Communication Consultant and runs Feet on the Ground Training Ltd.

You can contact Nick by email at or on 07800662450 feel free to ask him how he can assist you with your corporate communication impact.